Labor Law

Labor disputes tend to be more complex and diverse nowadays. A company may need to prepare for situations of every kind, from dismissals, contract renewals, and union relations to relations with non-regular employees and contractors and issues to do with mental health, workplace harassment, employment of the elderly, and labor predicaments brought on by restructuring. The means for settling disputes have also diversified and now extend beyond settlements, lawsuits, and injunctions to include labor tribunals and intercessions by government labor agencies.

A company in today’s environment is harder pressed to wisely manage labor-related risks and take precautionary steps to avoid potential disputes. As it does, the need for specialized attention and skills is stronger than ever.

Miyake & Partners has a wealth of practical experience in matters ranging from individual employment to overall labor-management relations and issues arising from corporate organization. Backed by our networks of dispute resolution resources, we furnish advice from a management standpoint as well as a legal one. We have provided successful labor law services to a long list of clients.