International Legal Services

Miyake & Partners provides the following services in cooperation with law offices overseas to serve legal needs related to investment, business, and withdrawal from business outside of Japan: preparations for acquisitions, partnerships or joint ventures; establishment of marketing networks; R&D collaborations and licensing or infringement of intellectual property; transactions pertaining to product sales or the provision of services; drafting, translation, review, and negotiation of agreements; general services for investigation and disposition of legal situations arising in other countries. As business activities extend across borders to Europe, North America, the BRICS, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere, a company active overseas must take precautions to avoid future disputes over international transactions. Business operations must be designed with a sound understanding of local environments and legal frameworks, and contractual arrangements must be precise and thorough. Several of the lawyers at our firm have been admitted to practice in the US state of New York, and more still are equipped to advise clients on international business matters ranging from project startups to dispute resolution, and to promptly prepare and negotiate international commercial agreements in English, the global standard language.

Disputes in corporate, labor, antitrust, and intellectual property law have been arising at an especially fast pace in China in recent years. Our firm works with a network of collaborating lawyers in China to facilitate resolutions by arranging prompt, reasonably priced, high-quality legal services.