Financial Law


In addition to general legal services for traditional banking transactions, we provide top-quality drafting and negotiations for agreements, legal opinions, advice on issues to do with as regulatory law, negotiations with customers as consumers, alternative dispute resolution, and defense in lawsuits.


Miyake & Partners presently has special strengths in securities-related services concerning the financial instruments and Exchange Act and the following areas:

  • Behavioral regulation of financial instruments operators and financial institutions
  • Firewall regulations and systems for conflict-of-interest management
  • Chinese walls for insider information, corporate information, and private data
  • Derivative transaction controls (including documentation)
  • Disclosure requirements and reports (offering disclosures, continuing disclosures, timely disclosures)
  • Advice on large-volume holding reports and takeover bids

Debt, Credit, Leasing

We have extensive experience in legal services for money lending, credit, and leasing businesses, as well as various settlement obligations and trading transactions.

New Financial Fields

We are also active at the frontiers of the industry as a counsel and agent for registration applications under the Financial Settlements Act for businesses issuing advance payment instruments or providing fund transfers.